About Us

FIRST Team 3419 (the Rohawks) is Hunter College High School’s FIRST Robotics team. We provide students the opportunity to explore STEM fields outside of the classroom, and actively engage students in the designing, building, and programming of each year’s robot. We’ve come far since our founding in 2009-10, winning the Rookie Inspiration Award in 2010 and the NYC Coopertition Award; becoming the Chesapeake Regional Winners, advancing to Championships in 2012; and winning the NYC Innovation in Control Award in 2013. In 2014, we won the Excellence in Engineering Award in the Greater DC Regional, advancing to the semi-finals as one of the top twelve teams at the regional. In 2015, possibly our best year yet, we won the Innovation in Control Award at NYC and the Quality Award at Greater DC, came out as the Greater DC Regional Winner, and made it to quarterfinals at the championships in St. Louis!


The Rohawks were founded in the back of the Hunter College High School’s computer lab by a computer science teacher and a small group of friends who thought students needed a way to get fun, hands-on technological experience.

Because of their tremendous success, the Rohawks now have their own workspace in midtown Manhattan thanks to the generosity of their wonderful sponsor, AllianceBernstein. They continue to provide members with opportunities to work with real-world applications of technology and encouragement to realize their craziest (though usually viable) ideas.

  • To help students explore STEM fields beyond the school curriculum

  • To give hands-on experience to future engineers and programmers

  • To build business acumen among students through exposure to corporate models

  • To foster life skills through projects requiring teamwork, efficiency, planning, hard works, dedication, and leadership

  • To build a financially sustainable program with effective leadership

  • To have fun while doing all of this!


The Hunter College Campus Schools (HCCS) in New York City are comprised of Hunter College Elementary School (HCES), grades K-6, and Hunter College High School (HCHS), grades 7-12. They are publicly funded schools whose mission is to educate academically gifted students.
A faculty of committed leaders and innovators in the field of gifted education use teaching methods designed to develop critical and creative thinking skills while also offering their students opportunities to accelerate learning and to study topics in great depth.

The Campus Schools aspire to be a community with a student population that reflects New York’s diversity, fosters respect for and appreciation of individual and cultural differences, emphasizes social responsibility through community service and good citizenship; and values civility and ethical behavior.


Hunter College High School features a rigorous college preparatory education in the liberal arts and sciences which prepares students to attend the nation’s leading colleges and universities, as well as for lifelong leadership and achievement. 99% of the class of 2014 went on to attend a four-year college, with an average SAT score of 2240. A wide array of extracurricular activities in math, the sciences and visual and performing arts are also available for students.

Website originally created by John L., 2014. Currently managed by Amy L. and Priya S.
Last updated: 6/12/17

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